How can you be salt and light in your everyday environment?

Daily Study from Lifeway’s “The Gospel Project”

Click to read Matthew 5:13-16

We often hear about how bad salt is for us. It is often linked to hypertension, causing great strain on your heart, brain, arteries, and kidneys. Many people are bent on eliminating as much salt from their diet as possible. But in our fear of excess, we know that completely eliminating all sodium from our diets would be equally detrimental. We need sodium for our muscles, nerves, and blood pressure to function properly.

We need light too. Without it, our bodies grow weak from Vitamin-D deficiency, our vegetation ceases to grow, and our vision dissipates.

Salt and light are a daily earthly necessity, and similarly, the salt and light that come as a result of the good news of Jesus’ kingdom is incredibly necessary for a lost and dying world. God chose for His plan of salvation on this earth to include us, and through us, He is glorified before others because our works point them to Him.

How can you be salt and light in your everyday environment?

Stay Thirsty for Righteousness My Friends…

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